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Brief post, since it’s 7:36PM and I’ve only got until 8PM to play Dead Space before relegating myself back to the strict schedule.

So I just put up a brief update post on DeviantArt, which I horribly neglect most days, and realized how busy I actually am. I guess it makes sense that I feel so tired!

I’ll put up a more extensive “New Year’s” post at some point (probably New Year’s, which looks like the next chance I’ll get time), but as a quick high-level overview of goals for the upcoming month:

+ Add 10k overall-words to the Novel Project (I’ll explain “overall-words” later)
+ Write one brand new, from scratch, short story; edit it; plan its itinerary; and submit it by January 31.
+ Earn a STAR STICKER for my agenda notebook
+ Meet Tangent review deadlines
+ Clear out my Apex Submissions inbox (I’m actually doing pretty good on this one, despite the brainfriedness!)

And during all that, I’m also spending time with Andy so he doesn’t feel neglected, and trying to remind myself (oh, that little voice in my head) to relax from time to time without feeling guilty.

Okay, Dead Space time!

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