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By sheer force of will-!

Yesterday was a bit brutal. I had set the date aside as my rough-draft day for this month’s short story, “Faith, In Layers.” Silly me, remembering the Chekhov year’s mad-dash rush-to-the-finish-line style, I figured: sure, one day, I can get a rough draft of a 5k story done. After all, I usually write Thief Dilemma chapters in one day, and those are easily 6k each.

I thought: 5k? No problem! With a little focus, I can get that done.

I thought: It has to be short anyway, so all the better if I’ve got a time restriction.

I thought: I’ve got it all plotted out, so it’s really just a matter of putting down the words.

I thought: It’ll may be a little tough, but I’ll get through it.

I thought: Writers are writers because they put their butts in their seats and WRITE. So shall I.

I can honestly say, yesterday was one of the most painfully brutal writing days I have ever had. But five hours, two drafts, two re-written scenes, several re-plotting sessions, and 6,880 words later, I FINISHED THE DRAFT. “Faith, In Layers” is now officially in zero-draft (or maybe even first-draft, since there was a significant amount of rewriting from an older draft that took place), and I must say, it was a bit torturous to get it done. I whipped off the last few lines just a little past midnight.

But it’s (sorta) done! At least I have something to edit, now, and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty to edit. But for right now, I’m not thinking about it, not worrying about the reworking.


I’m glad it’s topped-off, though, because today is all about Postscripts #19, the TO review, and a critique. Now, I must be fed-! and get to work. ^_-

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