Was that…? Yes. Yes, that was a SWAT team.

So… yeah! A guy apparently got shot not too far from our apartment last night. Not a whole lot of details being released yet, but a heck of a lot more than were released around 6:30 last night, which was when we saw what seemed like every police car in Portland and two–COUNT THEM–two SWAT vehicles drive by us on our way over to Nate and Sadie’s place. Sandy Blvd was blocked off completely from 125th on, with EMT and ambulances, and seriously around fifteen cop cars (we saw and counted five more coming to the scene as we drove). (NOTE: Andy says he thinks I’m being very conservative in my estimates of how many cop cars were actually there. He just wants you to know that.)

I’ve never seen a real SWAT team before, outside of TV and the movies. Not going to lie: it was a little scary, and dork that I am, first thing that pops into my mind is–and I’m so not joking, sadly–“Shit. The Zombies are coming.” XD Granted, rationale won out, but even then, we could only speculate that A) it had to be an incident in which someone was armed, B) that there were possibly hostages, or C) that there must be more than one armed gunman. Why else do the police call in a SWAT team? That’s no minor disturbance call. We also had a brief speculation that they might have cornered the River Rat bank robber, but apparently he may already be caught.

And who says living in NE Portland is boring? O.O

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