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LAWL – I can has reviewz plz?

For this very limited time, you can see THREE of my reviews (one of which is a duet review, so scroll to the bottom for mine) up on Tangent Online at the moment. It’s not likely that this will remain so for much longer, so go check it out now:!  FUN! ^_^

+826 words on the “novel” today. Not too shabby. Moving forward. This upcoming Saturday is slated for all of “The Mistress of Frosthaven” story (February’s short story), and the weekend after that is lined up for polishing “Faith, In Layers”. We’ll see how long I can keep this up… O.O Sleeping, or so I hear, is a pretty nifty way to spend eight hours of a day.

Also, my latest SLUSH LESSON with the APEX blog should be up shortly. You can find that here (when it goes up): . I attempted to schedule it, so hopefully it’ll go up like it should! O.O

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