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Brain + Weird Night’s Sleep = Uhh…what?

Had a braincloud kind of day. This morning, when my alarm went off, my eyelids kept sticking closed. Tried to get some light in them, but it didn’t seem to help. Got to work, drank tea. Brain still fuzzed. Yeah, didn’t feel too bright or too productive today, which was annoying. Oi.

Likewise, the writing happened (+762 words), but as much as I’ve now got more of the ship’s physicality laid out so I can imagine it better (and it’s a lot cooler), it just isn’t jelling quite as nicely as past scenes have. But ah well. Can’t always be in the Zone, I guess. :-(

On the plus side, it’s FRIDAY tomorrow! Weeeeeee! Got a ton of crap to do, but at least it’s nominally the weekend, and I can–in theory–relax. That’ll be nice. And it’s Super Bowl weekend, so that means beer, gambling, and stuffing my face with Cheetos! Mmmmm…. fake cheesy goodness… Oh yeah, and watching my one football game for the year. GO WHOEVER’S PLAYING! XD

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