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FEBRUARY STORY: “The Mistress of Frosthaven” – Workday

Since it was another “just sit down and get the whole draft done” day, I thought I’d document it a little for you, just for the heck of it. Plus, it kept me on task during the day, making me accountable for my breaks. But hey–six hours and 6.5k words later (I had started with 1k of scene I), the story is in rough draft. Phew! Now I’m going to get the heck off the computer and do something else for a change!! ^_^


11:56AM – Checking in and bracing myself. I’ve been up since nine, had breakfast, watched some “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, changed out of my PJs, sat down at the writing desk, planned out the five scenes of “Frosthaven” and did some research on rusting. Now that’s pretty much done, so I had to make myself a sandwich. Now, sammich in hand, apple juice to my right, I should be ready to start… Figured I’d just blog this little bit before, though… last ditch stalling effort. Feeling a bit like the kid on the roller-coaster as its clicking up the first big slope. O_O

Wish the guy upstairs would shut off his freaking radio that always seems to play the same repetitive songs. >.<

12:28PM – Took phone call from sister. It wasn’t a long one, though, so now I’m stuck. It’s been about a half-hour and I’m only 200 words in. First ten minutes were spent just on the first line of scene II. Tried finding a good Enya song that would fit–since a lot of my fantasy stories benefit from the inspiration of her musical aesthetics–but nothing seems to fit quite right. *sigh* Back to it.

12:57PM – Got some more juice, nearly done with my sammich. Words are flowing a little better now. Checked in on Andy to see how changing his mountain bike tubes is going. 756 words on scene II so far.

1:37PM – Cold. I wish the bedroom had the same heat as the rest of the apartment. For some reason, it has its own heating, that emanates from the ceiling, which I don’t get. It creates this weird effect when you walk into the bedroom after the heat in there has been on for a while: your head feels warm, but the rest of you is still cold. Heat rises, after all. Anyway, that’s why the heat isn’t on in here, and why my toes are FREAKING cold.

On the plus side, I’m now 1634 words into scene II. Running into a bit of a snag on how exactly my main character would react to what he’s currently seeing. It’s not exactly normal…

Cat is trying to dance on the keyboard and/or eat the last scrap of my roast beef sammich. >_O Need to walk around for a minute, and then it’s back to the grindstone.

2:43PM – At 2696 words, and topped off scene II. I have a feeling there are lots of things I’m going to need to go back and fix later, but for now, I’m just trying to move generally forward. Feel like I need a snack, but I think that means I’m just bored… Hmm…. Do need to stretch my legs, though… 15 minutes to a star!

4:19PM – 20 minute break in there to call me mum and chat for a while. Then back to work. +1235 words on scene III. Now well past the star award breaker. Though technically I mapped out five scenes, I’m thinking–realistically–it’ll end up four, since the last two are the same sequence, really. We’ll see… we’ll see…

4:47PM – Scene III completed. I’m definitely at that fuzzy-headed stage where the words may be coming, but I’m half zoned-out. They certainly won’t be the best words, but hey–I just need a rough draft to start rewriting. At least this is a good starting place, and so far, it’s doing pretty much what I want it to. Need a walk around the apartment, and then back to it.

6:00PM – One long freaking haul, but it’s DONE! Clocked in at about 7.5k (not surprising, that seems to be my golden number). Ending is going to need MAJOR overhaul, but I don’t care. It’s in rough draft. TADA! Star sticker and video games for me! ^_^

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