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POINT BREAK: How It Should Have Ended

[Utah standing with Bodhi on the beach, in the rain, facing the 50-year storm.]

Bodhi: But look at it, Johnny. Look at it! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, man. Just let me go out there, let me get one wave before you take me. One wave. Where am I gonna go, man? Cliffs on both sides. I’m not gonna paddle to New Zealand! My whole life has been about this moment, Johnny. Come on, compadre. Come on. COME ON!

[Utah stares at Bodhi, then unlocks his handcuff. Bodhi smiles, grabs his surfboard, and starts running to the waves. Utah smirks, pulls out his gun, pops a cap in Bodhi’s right knee. Bodhi falls into the light surf, screaming, clutching his leg.]

Bodhi: You son-of-a-b***!

Utah: It’s not tragic if you die doing what you love, right Bodhi? Isn’t that what you said, man? [Pauses and squints towards the waves.] Damn, those look like a fun ride, though.

[Cops swarm, haul Bodhi off to jail, Utah slow-walks off in the rain. And every year, in jail, Bodhi gets surfing videos from Utah on the anniversary of Pappas’ death, just to rub in the fact that he’ll never surf again because he’s just such an a**hole.]


Copywrite most quotes: Point Break, 1991 (Peter Iliff, Rick King).

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