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A Fine Saturday

It’s the weekend again, thank goodness! It’s been such a long week. It was productive though, on multiple fronts. Most of note: I finished up my lightning-fast proofreading project of DARK FAITH, Apex’s upcoming anthology. Received: Saturday. Deadline: Friday. It was pretty intense, and as this was my first proofreading assignment,  I was pretty nervous. But I really committed to it and gave it my all, which I hope shows. ^_^

Made EPIC Orange Chicken yesterday with Kaku and his family, and his girlfriend Kayla helped out a TON (BEST SOUS-CHEF EVAR!1!!), which turned what is normally a 3 hour whirlwind of crazy prep into just under two hours from ingredients to table. Much nicer. The only casualty was the Oil Thermometer which, upon attempting a daring escape from 200+ degree peanut oil, decided that the most direct route was the best route, and died in a magnificent shattering of glass on the kitchen floor. Fair thee well, O. Thermometer. You shall be missed until you are replaced.

Fiction writing this week was a little… hmm… haphazard to say the least. Cranked out .5k on Monday, 1.2k on Tuesday, .3 Thursday, and nothing much at all yesterday. Cut and pasted in an old “Future Scene” and then promptly decided that, no, it in fact would not work anymore, given certain changes in the plot. Ah well. Write and learn.

Actually, I’ve probably been the most productive today. Not in getting words down, but in getting queries and submissions out like I was supposed to *cough* three weeks ago. I tell yah, Elizabeth Engstrom is right: it’s better not to let a manuscript in that submit-mode sit around on your desk more than 24 hours. It needs to get out there, or you just start obsessing over it again. O.< Learned that one the hard way these past weeks.

Got a new story up my sleeve for March, I think. I was going to work on a mystery co-op project with the fabulous R. A. Jamison, but we’re going to have to wait at least another week for some other projects to wrap up to get working on that. In the meantime, I’m revisiting “The First Ghost of Oldshore.” Stay tuned! ^_^

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