Micro Friday Update

I’m trying to get a little better at posting more regularly, and–perhaps more for myself–keeping a running total of word-count achieved starting yesterday. I’ve been meaning to keep track of how many words I write per day/month/year just to give myself and idea of my productivity and time spent. SO! I’m starting this as of yesterday, 7/23/2010, and will continue through my writing “fiscal” year until May 31, 2011, which is the day I re-evaluate my writing goals for the year. For FY 2011, my goals are as follows (on a terraced scale of awesomeness that I’d like to achieve):

1. Sell 1 short story somewhere (anywhere)
2. Finish the first draft of the novel project (~50k)

ADVANCED: (in addition to the above)
3. Write 5 new short stories (in addition to the 4 for the July writing challenge)
4. Polish and submit 2 out of the 4 new short storied from the July writing challenge

PREMIUM: (In addition to all of the above)
6. Sell 2 or more stories (anywhere-reprints count/no-pay counts)
7. Have a 2nd novel/project ready and waiting at the May 31, 2011 cut-off

POWER BONUS: (in addition to above)
8. Finish The Thief Dilemma in total.

That last one is kind of a miracle reach. If I could do that, that’d be AWESOME, but I’d be shocked, too. :-D

Went to Urban Hopworks brewpub yesterday with Nate & Sadie, and much fun was had by all! :-D

Yesterday’s word-count: 344

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