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Flying Silver BEEEEEEANS!

So actually, a lot has happened over the course of this last week, but I’m going to try to keep this brief, because–I’m not going to lie–I want to play some XBox this afternoon because I haven’t actually done that in oh…. I can’t actually remember the last time I got on the XBox not to watch a movie/TV show with Andy, but to actually play a game. No wait, I think the last time was two or three weeks ago–(HA! so I guess I can remember. Yes, I’m a dork)–for a bout of Resident Evil 5, co-op, on Veteran. Andy and I have been slowly working through it, but it’s the four or fifth time through the game, so I hardly count it as playing a *new* game. I haven’t even finished Dead Space yet… Do I even have that here, or maybe it’s still loaned out… I may have to look around.

Also, I want to watch a movie, because I didn’t do that enough last night after getting out of the theater from “Inception” at 1AM in the morning. lol I wish I owned “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” I can’t watch that movie too much–it’s too heavy–but there’s just something about it… Then again–I could totally enjoy watching something like Harold and Maude right now, too. Haven’t seen that in aaaaaaaages… Or 2046, because who doesn’t love a Hong-Kong SF flick about a writer’s romantic life? Come on. You know that sounds awesome. And it has Zhang Ziyi in it! ZHANG ZIYI! Though I love the writer girl who’s in love with a young Japanese business man more–because she’s sweet and smart, and I relate to her. :-)

Also: I’ve decided to stop slushing for a while. I’m still definitely with Apex, doing a bunch of other awesome stuff behind the scenes, but I wanted more time to work on my own writing, and I needed more time to do the other stuff for Apex that I’ve been working on. I’m finishing up the tail end of my slush pile this weekend, and then I’ll be free and clear for a while at least, until I get the “craving” again to slush, and then I’ll jump back in. Next up: Movie/Game Time.

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