Guess what, guess what?! DARK FUTURES: TALES OF DYSTOPIC SF is now out and available to the public! Hooray!

“Hold onto your head! Editor Jason Sizemore loads a shotgun with futuristic stories, puts the barrel against your brain and pulls the trigger… Standouts in this sf anthology include James Reilly’s Terra Tango 3, Jennifer Pelland’s Personal Jesus, and Michele Lee’s Meat World. These stories are cutthroat, sinister, sometimes lonely and always disturbing.” –Jeff Carlson, international bestselling author of Plague Zone

And from Dark Quest Books’ Press Release: “Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian Science Fiction, edited by Jason Sizemore—the publisher of Apex Books—takes a unique look at the coming times as foreshadowed by recent events, both natural and man-made. With contributions by such luminaries as Ekaterina Sedia, Michele Lee, Alethea Kontis, Kelli Dunlap, Geoffrey Girard, Elaine Blose, Robby Sparks, Gene O’Neill, Angeline Hawkes, Aliette de Bodard, James Reilly, Gill Ainsworth, Maggie Slater, Glenn Lewis Gillette, Deb Taber, Maurice Broaddus, Sara Harvey, Natania Barron, and Paul Jessup, this volume will chill you with science.” – Dark Quest Books

I am so excited that this one’s out! It contains my short story “Memories of Hope City,” a dark little tale about brotherly love, drugs, sex, and violence, man-eating pigs, and zero-g decomposition on a derelict space station.

So where can you get it?!

You can get it at… Amazon.com.

You can get it at… Dark Quest Books.

You can get it at… Powell’s Books.

You can get it at… Barnes & Noble.

Then come to OryCon 32 so I can sign it for you! :-D

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