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I am not a slacker!

I may not have blogged in a bit, but I haven’t been sitting on my butt eating bonbons in front of the TV, either! (Ok, there’s been a little of that, but COME ON! 30 Rock season 4 just came out on instant play for Netflix! :-D)

What I *have* been doing, however, besides plugging away at the reworking of the summary draft (shockingly, there’s some good stuff here, and not nearly as much crap as I first estimated!), and brainstorming for NaNo (I think I’ve got a good one! Woo!):

My post on fitting in time to write with a busy schedule blog post is up at Apex’s blog!

The first part of my six part mega-review of The Zombie Survival Guide is up at The Zombie Feed!

And general med-school-applying-helping-ness and essay-proof-reading-helping-ness along with that other stuff like the day job, seeing the hubby, occasionally seeing friends, eating, sleeping–you know, those silly extracurricular things. :-)

Also topped off “A Shepherd of the Valley” and will hopefully be taking a crack at revising that one soon! I’ve yet to read it from front to back, so I’m more than a little anxious about how much work it’s actually going to take to kick into proper shape, but whatevs. I’ll get it there eventually (eventually = Oct 31). Oh yah! And I also need to make costumes for Halloween, make a spiffy tablecloth, try to get the apartment clean (*somehow*), and try not to go insane. :-D No biggie.


I’m okay now.

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