2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 2”

  1. Aargh, that makes me hungry. The only thing in the fridge is celery though.. tomorrow I shall have my fry/fries fest! :D

    Good job on Nanowrimo! Still gotta do my 2K for today and máááán what gibberish I write.. but it’s lots of fun. Good luck!

    1. Oh, same here! I feel like I’m pulling teeth today, trying to shove the sluggish plot forward. I’m hoping to avoid a “As you know, Bob” moment, but I’m getting desperate to just get going to the more exciting stuff and an info dump is sounding awfully nice right now… :-D I think tonight’s picture will be a pair of plyers.

      And you’re doing a great job! That wordcount keeps climing oh-so-steadily. 2k/day is my goal, also, and I’m trying to stick to it. It’s so hard! And I see other folks on there plugging 4k+ per day, and I feel so lazy, but I can’t imagine getting any more done in a day. I’ve been trying to remind myself that slow-and-steady wins the race. :-D

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