Apex Magazine, Publishing/Editing

Saturday Buzz!

So what’s new in the world of Apex/TZF? Let me show you. :)

Apex’s website has been undergoing some serious redesign to give it a bit more universal and updated appeal. Check it out along with new blog content here!

Have you seen the cover of Chelsea Burke’s new collection from Apex, Let’s Play White? You should! I am so excited about this one coming out, and can’t wait to get a hardcopy of it. :D

The Zombie Feed has been hosting guest posts by authors showcased in The Zombie Feed Anthology Vol. 1. So far, we’ve had posts by Lee Thompson, Nathaniel Tapley, Kristin Dearborn, and Elise Blose. While you’re over there, you can check out the latest Dear Putrescence post and our very popular [Ask Twitter] column which polls our readers for their answers regarding all things zombie!

And that’s your buzz for the day!

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