Analog Reviews DARK FUTURES

Don Sakers with Analog Science Fiction & Fact mentioned “Memories of Hope City” in his Reference Library review of DARK FUTURES: TALES OF SF DYSTOPIA! I am so on Cloud 9. :D

You can read the review here: .

Also, you can pre-order a copy of Leading Edge Magazine #61 which contains my long short story (or short novelette?) “Mimicry.” This story is one of my favorites, and it still creeps me out. So if you like robots, voodoo, a little romance, and a good serving of dread, you should check it out!

Oh! I almost forgot! The Zombie Feed is holding a contest for a free copy of The Zombie Feed Anthology Vol. 1 to see who you’d like to be stuck in the zombie apocalypse with (out of the list of contributors to the anthology), and I’m totally not trying to influence you or anything, but just so you know, I do have a black sash in kung-fu with experience in sword (broad and straight) and long staff , and also I’m ususally pretty cheery so I’ll keep your morale up even when the dead are trying to kill us. Also: I’ll bring my chainsaw. I’m just sayin’. (Pick me!)

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