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Writing Update: Best Intentions

Ok! So clearly the 3x a week thing didn’t quite stick, but I really enjoy doing the Origins posts, so I’m going to see if I can do those once a week at least–just not on Wednesdays, because that’s when all my other blog posts for Apex and TZF always come due. Laaaaaa! Too much to do. :)

But we’ll kick the week off with a Writing Update just to get things moving again. Last month was a bit crazy with Norwescon thrown all up in there, but I’m glad it was! I got to participate in my first reading ever–which was awesomely fun, btw!–and got to see a whole bunch of the folks I don’t normally get to see and won’t be seeing again for a while after the move. Bittersweet, but good! I brought 11 copies of DARK FUTURES: TALES OF SF DYSTOPIA and every single one of them sold out! I even got to sign a bunch of them. :) For those who picked up a copy, I hope you enjoy “Memories of Hope City”! :D

Also, as a side note: since it’s posted on their website, I suppose I can announce it formally: my clockpunk short story/novelette “Mimicry” is coming out in the next issue of Leading Edge Magazine! So if you like clockwork robots, voodoo magic, old-fashioned Austen-ish romance, and a sense of doom, check out Leading Edge #61!

Prepping for the cross-country move coming up at the end of June, trying to get everything in order, and make sure we’ve got everything packed up–we’ve at least got lots of boxes this time, which will make moving books a lot easier than last time. :) Other than that, just enjoying the lovely Portland weather–it’s actually sunny today and must be about 70 degrees out. Love it, even though I know it’ll get rainy again next week. :D

Hmm… I’ll be thinking about what day will work best for the Origins posts–perhaps Mondays or Tuesdays… We’ll see! :)

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