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How can you not want to read a story by a guy whose name is Danger? I mean, come on! Everyone wishes his name was that awesome. And Slater? Also totally awesome because only cool people can have that last name. (*cough*) Though even if his first name was Mildy-Risky and his last name was something totally embarrassing (like some U.S. representative’s or something), you’d still have to check out a story titled “Hipsters in Love” if it’s in a zombie anthology. Hipsters trapped in a Starbucks by a hoard of zombies? Zombies in skinny jeans sporting retro ‘chops and graphic tees? You know you love it. Besides that, there’s the fact that Danger_Slater is just down right hilarious. Trust me: you don’t want to miss his contribution to The Zombie Feed Vol. 1.

You can pick up your copy of The Zombie Feed Anthology on Amazon.comBarnes &, or from The Zombie Feed directly. Get it on your Kindle or your Nook (or in any e-format from Smashwords) for just $2.99! Seventeen awesome zombie stories for $2.99? Danke shoen! :D

1. The Writing Question: What is your typical writing routine? Do you write every day, some days, only when inspired?

Here is my entire writing process, from start to finish [time lapse approx. 2 months]: Idea. Play Xbox. Drink. First draft. Reread. Self-loathing. Drink. Xbox. Drink. Second draft. Anger. Quit writing altogether out of frustration. Drink. Drink. Drink. Reread. Third draft. Play Xbox. Xanax. Drink. Xbox. Drink. Drink. Xanax. Final draft. More self-loathing. Send it out. Rejection. Drink. Send it out. Rejection. Drink. Send it out. ACCEPTANCE! Drink.

2. The Horror Question: Is horror the genre you typically write for? If so, why; if not, why not?

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a ‘horror’ writer. I’m more about satire, sarcasm and humor. But, above all that, I feel the most important thing is that reading should be is entertaining. I’ll sometimes use genre tropes as a backdrop for a story, but my sole purpose is to create a piece of fiction that holds the reader’s interest. I sometimes find myself working in horror, sci-fi, speculative-fiction and other genres like those because they aren’t usually set in ‘reality’ so I’m allowed to let my imagination run free. I try to write fiction that barks. Fiction that bites. Fiction that shits in the neighbor’s yard. To me, it doesn’t matter what genre it is, as long as it’s not boring.

3. The Oddball Question: If there were absolutely no way you could write fiction, what other profession or hobby might you take up?

In no particular order: grenade juggling, lava surfing, rattlesnake limbo, lion tasting, banana assassination, ghost tickling, extreme knitting, clown branding, naked fencing, dynamite swallowing, ninja poking, class war, tornado midwifery, and of course, collecting stamps. But then again, I wouldn’t call writing a ‘profession’ or a ‘hobby’. It’s more like a werewolf’s curse. Aaaawwwwooooooo!!!


Danger_Slater is the world’s most flammable writer! He lives and works in New Jersey, which he would like to assure everyone is exactly like that show Jersey Shore all the time, except even more Jersey Shore-ier. His work can be found in print and across the internets. His first novel is called Love Me, which is available through Jersey Devil Press, and his fantasic and spastic short story ‘Hipsters In Love’ can be found in the Zombie Feed Anthology. Here is his

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