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Chekhov Diary – Week #5 – “The Alien Heart That Beats Within”

Monday – 11/28 – Got a story started for the week, and made a good 1k start. I’m not 100% convinced this is going to work out the same way I want it to–it’s quiet, and contemplative, like I so often drift toward. One of these days, I’d like to try tackling a short action story–but action in a short space is so challenging! At least, it is for me. I want to write something with pep, with excitement, with drive. With moments–of course–of thoughtful calm and contemplation. A nice mix of action and resolution. Maybe I’ll throw in an action twist just to see what happens. *shifty eyes*

Tuesday – 11/29 – After a momentary distraction last night (I wanted to write an action story, was chaffing at the bit to write BANG! POW! WHAMO!), I’m back to the story I started yesterday. I may play around with that other story (it’s a fantasy world I’ve worked in before, so more or less of some of the background has been done, though I need a world-name, and I need to know more about the industrial revolution… Note to self: research more), but for now, I’m sticking to the SF one I already started. There’s something about it, though it’s not a fast story, that seems to be partially writing itself. I hate to abandon that feeling just because it’s not as active as I’d like. The characters seem to be taking on some life, too–I mean, obviously it’s a rough draft, so editing would be guaranteed post-draft, but it’s not horrible so far. Could use more world building, to be sure, but the characters feel real. I guess that’s a good sign, hmm?

Wednesday – 11/30 – Added about another 900 words today without too much difficulty. This story really is writing itself, which is surprising and a bit strange. It doesn’t feel like it’s got a drive, or at least not one I’m conscious of, but it is going somewhere. Not sure quite where it’ll end up (mostly just hoping it won’t be 5k+ down the road), which is a little fun. I think endings are one of my weaknesses that I may need to work on. I typically have a start and a location in mind, and after that a character, but as for conflict and resolution, that’s a bit fuzzy for me. I had reason a few days ago to think over my writing weaknesses, and conflict (particularly action-y conflict) is definitely one of them. I think I have a lot to learn about the very basic conception of a story arch, and how to approach thinking about one in the proto-stages of a piece of fiction. I feel like if I could just understand that a little better, I could really make a jump in terms of quality of fiction. That said, I’m just glad this story isn’t as dull to write as some of the last couple stories have been, even if it isn’t action-y.

Thursday – 12/1 – Added another 1k to the story, again without difficulty. I’m not sure if the ease of this is due to the story itself or because I’m finally starting to switch out of my inclination for 30-minute/500 word sessions. The story is progressing, though I’m not sure at all where it’s going, still. And I’m not at all sure how it’s going to end, which makes me nervous at this point. It’s Thursday–the story has to be done tomorrow by midnight, and I know after work, I won’t be writing, so it’s got to be done mostly tonight and tomorrow morning/tomorrow at lunch. I’ve gotten into a bad habit this week of sleeping in when I would normally go to the gym–means I start writing a little after nine rather than a little before it. It’s been a very sluggish week in terms of motivation. There are a lot of things I *need* to do, but very little I *want* to. The short-story focus has also kick-started the novel-drive in me; what’s it they always say about the grass on the other side? :) Too bad, novels! You’re confined to index cards for now.

Friday – 12/2 – Packed on a last 1.5k to wrap up the story to a semi-satisfactory ending. It’s not an action-y story at all, but I do think there’s something here that could be useful down the pipe, so I’m rather happy with it. I’m not 100% convinced that the MC would *actually* have his change of heart this way, but maybe he would. I’ll have to re-read it and re-evaluate at a later date to judge it better. All in all, the story’s approx. 5,900 words long, which is better than I typically do when just “roaming” like this, so I’m pleased with that! And I’m not going to have to wrack my brains tonight or spend valuable spouse-hangout-time writing instead of kicking back to watch a movie. :D Block week (the week of Do0m for med students here) is coming up in a couple weeks, so I need to take advantage of seeing the hubby whenever I can! ^_^ Week #5 story–SF/”The Alien Heart That Beats Within”–completed. TRANSMISSION END.

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