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Chekhov Diary – Week 9 – “Moments of Clarity”

Friday – 12/30 –  This has been a pretty pitiful week for writing, but I can at least say that as of this morning, I’ve finished  story #9! I’ve been on vacation all week, and finding the time to mentally compose a story–much less write it!–has been quite a challenge. This week’s story is very short, only about 650 words. Even so, I think it’s got plenty of room for expanasion in future revisions, so I’m not too disappointed. Do note: this very short tale (a light fantasy) is not the first story I attempted to write this week. I started another one at the airport on Monday, and quickly realized over the course of the next few days that it was going to be much too long to complete in the limited available time I was going to get. :) That first story may be what I do for next week though, so I’ll hold off on the details of that one, just in case. At any rate, Week 9 is completed with “Moments of Clarity”!

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