A Chocolate “Haven”

Had a great trip up to Maine today to visit friends and get in our annual chocolate shopping. Every year for the past three years I’ve had Haven’s chocolate on Christmas, and going up to shop gives me a chance to catch up with all the good folks I used to work with. Often I’ll try to visit in a weekday to maximize the number of production crew I can see, but this year it was too tough to coordinate, what with the little guy. Still, saw one of my favorite people there, and that was great! ^_^ Also got way too much chocolate, but stayed within the ballpark of my budget, so that’s good.

Lunch with Lee & Becky was great too! Alway enjoy Casa guac with them.

Writing Related:
Got two rejections this past week, which stung a bit, but the old skin’s getting tougher. Both are back out again, so hope springs eternal. ^_^

Submitted another new story on Saturday! *Productivity Happy Dance!* That’s 3/3 for submitting a story a month. And early for December, too! That means I’ve got three weeks left to do whatever I want, writing-wise.

At the moment, I’m leaning towards doing a 1-2 week Chekhov run (bang out a rough draft in a week), which would help me replenish my rough draft back-stock. But I’ve also got a draft that I plan to submit in a few months and needs a lot of work, so I could get started redrafting that once I’ve got some new drafts to cool. Then there’s a novella that needs rewriting…

So plenty to do! Trying to wrap up my 2014 reading goals, too–just two books shy, and I’m reeeeeeeelly close to done on both. Woo!

At this rate, I’ll need to come up with a better submission tracking system than I’ve got right now…

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