Eight-ball, Corner Pocket…or not…

Today in Mommy-Land

With the hubby home today, I got a rare chance to get out of the house, which was great! My friend Kelly and I went to our usual spot to play pool, have a drink, and catch up. Can’t say I played all that well, but I think we split the difference for wins and losses, and the mozzarella sticks and popcorn chicken with a hard cider hit the spot. After that, we weren’t quite done chatting, so we swung by Uno’s and had one of those large peanut butter cups, which was decadent and delicious.

In other news, we got the Little Man’s super spiffy dinner bib, which is supposed to keep food off his clothes better than his regular bibs (which…don’t…at all…). We tried it out tonight, and although there’s still a little food around his collar, his sleeves and tummy were clean, which is a huge improvement!

And miracle of miracles, he’s happily playing by himself on the rug! :D

Today in Writer-Land

The Little Man took a nice long nap this afternoon (almost two hours, whaaaaaat?!), but I didn’t exactly use *all* that time for writing. *shame face* I had lunch with the hubby and we hung out a bit, which was nice without the Little Distraction hanging about or flopping around in our arms. But after that, I did get a chance to sit down and rewrite the scene I wrote yesterday, which I knew–in my grumbling editor gut–just wasn’t right. This one’s better, by a long shot, and I ended up with 1000+ new words, which felt pretty snazzy.

On a random side note, I got a very sweet note from a fanfic reader for The Thief Dilemma, which warmed my heart. I love it when something I write makes people really feel something, and especially when they sympathize so thoroughly with any character I’ve created. Deep down, that’s really why I write. It’s something I need to remember.

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