Two Steps Forward, Five Million Steps Back

Today in Mommy-Land

Arrrrrrrg! It was a long day today in Mommy-Land. It started off rocky from the very start–the 12:35am start. The Little Man decided sleep was for losers last night, and proceeded to wake up almost every hour–when he fell asleep at all–and cry until I picked him up and walked around until he fell back asleep. Then I’d carefully–carefully!–try to set him down in bed, and POP! Eyes open and ready to be carried more! Also peed the bed a bit, which is always delightful. *le sigh*

Of course, that meant I was super-braindead all day today. I’m not even sure I’ve been blinking in-sync. After a little “research” decided the Little Man is probably becoming anxious by how quickly he’s self-weaned, and is probably craving more cuddle and snuggle time to make up the difference. Tried that today–lots of snuggles and two naps in the Bjorn, which he infinitely preferred to napping in the swing. Too sleepy to read while he was napping on me, but did watch the most recent Downton Abbey and then most of a Nova documentary on sinkholes, which was pretty fascinating.

Buuuuut, that means…

Today in Writer-Land

*cries* Nothing much to see here, folks. Didn’t get any new words down since there wasn’t any time when I had a few minutes to myself, so that was out. I did organize some of my novel-scraps into neat, tidy folders which look pretty cool. But the hubby’s home tomorrow, so I might be able to squeak out a few spare minutes to get today’s scene done and maybe start on the next one, and then SUNDAY maybe I can wrap up the first half of the rewrite.

Oh, and got another rejection, because, you know, why not? XP


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