And the Yellow Smiley Sticker Goes to…Me!

Today in Mommy-Land

He slept! He slept, he slept, he slept! Aside from a few tosses and turns, he slept like the proverbial baby. (Who the heck came up with *that* phrase, I’d like to know!) The extra cuddles and snuggles yesterday seem to have really helped. Tried to continue that trend today, too. A rested day is a good day. ^_^

The three of us went to breakfast at IHOP with my good friend Kelly, which was loads of fun. After that, we made a quick stop to pick up some finger-snack foods for the Little Man, and headed home. So far, the Gerber “lil’ Crunchies” in veggie dip flavor are his favorite. He’s been wolfing them down all day!

We also got him bigger bottles, since the ones we currently have only go to 5oz, and now that he’s stopped spitting up so much, he seems to be able to handle upwards of 5-6oz. So that’s fun!

Today in Writer-Land

Because yesterday was such a crap-shoot, and because the hubby has a three-day weekend starting today, he graciously took the little man for an hour and a half so I could chew through scene #3 of the current WiP. 2,000 words and a completed scene later, I’m feeling pretty good! (2,000 words is the threshold for a shiny “yellow smiley” sticker, per my sticker-reward key, so woohoo!)

It’s always a bit challenging to get back into a project after having to skip a day (something about that continuity does seem to help with my flow), but this time it didn’t take too long, which I was glad for. It’s a whole tangled mess of ick right now, and tomorrow’s booked solid, so I won’t be getting a chance to comb over it until Sunday (and then, I should be trying to nail down the next two scenes prior to mid-point). Not sure that’s going to happen, but we’ll see. I’d really like to get the whole thing rewritten by next Friday so I can start reworking the crummy bits and still have time to “10% Solution”-the crap out of it.

Oh good grief. Why is February such a short month? And why did I pick *this* story to rework?!


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