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Today in Mommy-Land

Had quite the adventurous day today. We played in the ridiculous amounts of snow (courtesy of the hubby’s snow pants and winter jacket). We put a towel on the kitchen floor and played with tupperware filled with colorful water and floating Cheerios. We did T25 (well, I did T25, and the Little Man watched with Grandma, and then fell asleep). We even read a few books during bottle-time!

And he took a nap! A nap! Oh, precious, elusive, wonderful nap! It wasn’t all that long, maybe an hour from when he fell asleep in Grandma’s arms to when he awoke in his swing. But still! A good chunk of time, which allowed…

Today in Writer-Land

…a rewritten third scene of the current WiP! Hooray! *Happy Writer Dance of Joy* Mostly, it was a re-type and tweak edit, but I’ll take it. And I even got a chance to dip into the 2nd scene and fix one of the four things I’d listed for change yesterday, so that felt pretty good, too.

This scattered writing time, as it currently stands, is rather like being on-call. You never know when you’ll get ten, fifteen, forty, or more minutes to write, which can be somewhat wearisome and frustrating, especially when you’ve got that killer scene burning a hole in your brain. Today, my main goal was to not worry about whether or not I would get words down today, and that made a big mood difference for me. There’s still a lot I can do, writing-wise, without getting that (even slightly) extended sit-down time. Mostly, this consists of brainstorming and all that whimsical background work that I sometimes don’t take the time to do if I *do* have sit-down time available. It’s a good time to jot notes, and maybe even summary-draft a novel or two, so I may try to squeeze some of that in, whenever time and baby allow.

I did also finish that one book I’ve been picking away at for what feels like ages, so that’s a nice little reward for the day. Now I just need to pick a *new* book to read. I’ve been slowly (as in, since last year this time) been working my way through The Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer, which is very interesting (though, due to its size and heft, somewhat challenging for a mom to one-hand read). Maybe I’ll go by the library tomorrow and see about picking something up. (Not like I don’t have a ton of books to read here, says editor me…)

On a less awesome note, did get a rejection from Asimov’s today. Not that surprising, really. I knew it was a long-shot for this particular story. Anyway, long whine-session short, it’s back out to the next market on my list.

I will say this: having a pre-planned, pre-prioritized list of markets to send a work to definitely helps me get them right back out again without stressing too much or wallowing in self-pity for long. :)

Chihori flight of stairs
Hey, at least it’s back out there!

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