Adventures in Market Basket Land

Today in Mommy-Land

Went out to pick up a few necessities (namely those Gerber ‘lil Crunchies the Little Man’s been plowing through, as well as the usual sustenance), and put the Little Man in the cart seat for the first time! He was much amused, and still seems in slight shock that there are big places with tons of stuff on shelves. (Whaaaaa-?!) He was super sweet, and really did quite well, considering we not only went to Target, but also to Market Basket. (Pardon any random typos–he’s drinking a bottle on my lap and apparently thinks its hilarious to try to kick my hand away from the keyboard. Thank goodness for autocorrect, this time!)

Managed to get my T25 done (3x in a row this week!), despite having gotten little sleep last night. I knew I was going to pay for the good night on Monday. XP

Today in Writer-Land

Nothing done, but collected another rejection notice. *le sigh* Will get the story back out tomorrow. I guess everyday can’t be a four-sticker day.  :0\

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