Two-Day Cycle

Today in Mommy-Land

I think the Little Man is on a two-day cycle: one day of awful, get-nothing-done, sleepless, rawr; the next, an angelic little napper who not only lets me get my writing done, but also is just generally quite cheerful and accommodating. (Well, aside from a 25 minute temper tantrum while visiting a friend–eh, not so good…) But otherwise, he was an absolute cherub.

I felt more rested today, though I’m not sure he slept a whole lot better than he did the night before. Still lots of tossing and turning. We’ll see how it goes tonight. If the pattern holds up, it’ll be a terrible night. I’m really, really, *really* hoping that cycle ends, like, soon.

Today in Writer-Land

After the dearth of writing yesterday, I actually got almost two hours of rewrite work done today. Still plucking away at the current WiP, and am getting *lots* of those lovely editorial “gut feelings” that I’m going to have to fix one way or another, but at least it feels like it’s moving in the right direction this time.

Also got that rejected story back out into another slush pile, so fingers crossed! I sure could use a win one of these days. I will say this: getting a bunch of fiction out there has been really good for making me feel like a Serious Writer, but boy–I thought I knew what rejection was like before. Now I’m just swimming in them, and the tap’s still going… Ah well. So long as I’m submitting, I still feel like I’m doing my best, so there. Eat that, Universe!


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