Friday, Over and Out

Today in Mommy-Land

Lucked out with some lovely nap times today, given that the Little Man woke up at 6 AM and decided that was it for the night. *le sigh* I know compared to some kids that’s plenty late in the morning, but for this night-owl, anything before 7:30 is an ungodly hour. At least it was kinda, sorta light-ish out. But he took three naps! Two short catnaps and one tremendously long two-and-a-half hour monster nap. *It was amaaaaaaaazing.*

The second one occurred just after we’d gotten back from a somewhat tumultuous visit to the local library to pick up Terminator 2 & 3 and Alien (the hubby and my choices for V-Day movies). Within the last month or so, the Little Man has been much more tolerant of the car and car trips (which previously was a nightmare because he’d scream the entire time–for hours on end, if need be). He often even falls asleep! But whenever the car stops or we arrive at a destination, bing! He’s awake! Usually within 1-10 minutes of arrival.

So today, he falls asleep in the car on the way home, and I’m expecting him to pop awake the instant we stop. I’m not even quiet. I just park the car, haul him out (which was no easy feat, since our click-in base was in the other car, so I had to manually strap the carseat in, and manually haul it out), carry him and all the other stuff we’ve got in (during which, I’m pretty sure my diaper bag sat on his head for a brief period–seriously, I thought he was already awake), clanked and clattered through the house, and then into the dining area. Still asleep. *Checked to make sure he was in fact breathing. He was.* Okay, so I figure, I’ll get my snack together so when he pops awake in the next ten minutes, I’ll at least have something to snack on. Get snack…eat snack… Still asleep. Hmmm. Make coffee in Keurig. *Loud slurp-y noises while brewing.* Still asleep. Hmmm….

In the end, I got two hours to read from Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, the Haruki Murakami book I picked up at the library.

Can I just say, I love Murakami’s work? Whenever I read something by him, it’s like I’ve been fake-liking every other book of fiction I’ve ever read. Reading his work just makes me feel good. There was a period when I was reading this afternoon when I considered putting the book down and going back up to my own WiP (more on that below) to get a bit more done, and you know what? I didn’t. Because the moment–with coffee and a good book in silence–was just too sublime to ruin with any frustrating work. It was delightful, and I enjoyed every freakin’ indulgent minute of it.

Today in Writer-Land

I did–despite the splendid reading session–get some work done today. During one of his shorter naps, I wrapped up scene #4 and started #5–the midpoint of the plot. This was where I was hoping to be at the end of *last* week, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself that I may not get this one out by the end of the month. Still, I’ll keep plugging away at it and hopefully it’ll only be pushed back a week… *fingers crossed*

But hey! No rejections came in today, so that’s kind of nice. XD Oh, the simple pleasures!

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