Today in Mommy-Land

Hooray! The hubby is home from his last long-distance rotation! Woohoo!


The Little Man woke up at 6:45 (Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to the time change so the sun doesn’t rise *quite* so early?), after the hubby got in around 2:00am last night, so we crept downstairs and had breakfast while we let Daddy sleep. The Little Man did take a decent-ish nap early on, and then a sort-of decent one later, though his normal napping time was interrupted by us going out to Five Guys for lunch, and to run some errands. Still, he tolerated the car, which was lovely for a change!

He’s definitely beginning to notice and understand pictures in picture books better these days. We’ve been reading Goodnight Gorilla, and he’s a big fan of pointing to the gorilla on each page. He seems to be gaining a lot more patience with books, too, so that even after his bottle is gone, he’ll keep flipping pages for quite a while before hitting his boredom wall. *Fingers crossed he’ll wind up a reader!*

He’s also a big fan of light switches. Super fun.

Today in Writer-Land

Got a tiny, itty-bitty bit done today, but mostly in the form of moving some summary draft documents for a dark, pulpy SF novel from my old, ancient, OH DEAR LORD HOW SLOW IS THIS MACHINE?! computer to my new one. Since I don’t have Word on my new Mac (I’ve been trying out Scrivener), I have to save them all to RTF files, which at least I can edit. My old machine–my dear, trusty fem-puter–is soooooooo slow. It took me the Little Man’s entire nap just to shift things over via saving to RTF and emailing myself. FORTY MINUTES OF SLOW. *sigh* But at least I’ve got what I need on my new computer now, and am ramped up to plunge forward on this summary draft, if only to see where it goes.

Also did some good brainstorming on the Porter Challenge due next Sunday, so we’ll see where that goes.

Got another rejection, too. *crestfallen* Haven’t gotten it out just yet, but I’ve got until tomorrow to get my 24-Hour Turn Around sticker. I just really, really, reeeeeeally didn’t feel like writing a synopsis for a 2,000 word short story. >_O But I’ll do it tomorrow and move on as usual.

At least getting all these rejections has noticeably become easier. Instead of feeling like a prize fighter getting walloped in the face by a flurry of fists, it’s starting to feel more like that annoying sibling flicking his fingers at your nose. It stings a little, and it’s irritating, but it’s not technically doing any harm, and the only thing you can do at a certain point is roll your eyes and just put up with it. That’s where I’m at, currently.

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