Dream Rejections

Today in Mommy-Land

Four day streak! Four day streak! Holy crap, this is too good to be true. I keep waiting for this whole two-nap thing to end in a horrible, screaming, melt-downy kind of way, but it hasn’t happened yet. *WHAT IS THIS AMAZING PLACE?*

Two naps, just like the day before, and the day before that, and THE DAY BEFORE THAT! One in the morning right after breakfast, one early-afternoonish. Both for more than an hour. Managed to get quite a bit done (not everything, of course, but still!), including getting the litter box cleaned out, chatted with the hubby on his last day of long-distance (YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAY~!), the laundry done, and a bit more of my massive writing-trunk cleaned out. (Now that the books have been reviewed, that trunk is the next thing on my list, since as it currently stands, I can’t lift it on my own.)

We’ve ventured into a tiny bit of biting territory, now that the Little Man has four teeth, and boy–when he chomps down, it hurts! I’ve been trying to instill that biting means you get put down and walked away from, and he does seem to be doing a bit better. Here’s hoping!

Today in Writer-Land

Last night, just as I was going to bed, I had this moment of confusion. I couldn’t remember if I’d gotten a rejection for a certain story, or if I’d only dreamed (literally, dreamed) I had. I had to go back through my email to be sure, and yup! Sure enough, there it was sitting in my inbox. *Le sigh.* I’m normally pretty good about immediately resubmitting a rejected story, but apparently I’d spaced out on this one, because I’d received it Saturday, and *still* hadn’t gotten it out! No shiny Resubmit in 24 Hours sticker for me!

But I got it back out today, so no harm, no foul.

And more than that, I wrote almost 1,500 words today during the second nap! Finished off the from-scratch scenes I needed for the current WiP, so now it’s a matter of going back to the beginning, retyping the whole thing in one fell go, smoothing/tweaking as it goes with an eye for a few minor details I need to make sure come into the earlier sections, and then hopefully I’ll be able to move on to the word-cull. That part, at least, is pretty systematic and straightforward, which is much easier for me these days than writing new prose, which takes a certain amount of concentrated focus.

*Phew!* I’m feeling like a “real” writer today!

2 thoughts on “Dream Rejections”

    1. Thanks for the kind words! It has always seemed tricky to get both new writing and editing done at the same time–definitely something I’m working on! But submitting regularly has been really good for me, even if challenging. ^_^

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