Anybody Get the License Number of that Weekend?

Today/Yesterday in Mommy-Land

It’s been a crazy couple of days (and weekend, let’s be honest) here. For one, Monday was the kick off of Match Week, the week during which a newfangled, fancy-pants computer algorithm determines where my husband matches for his neurology residency. This, in essence, is determining where we will live for the next four years. We’ve got high hopes for certain locations, and a good dash of worry about some lesser-desired locations, but all in all, it’s an exciting time.

Monday, we found out that he did, indeed, match to some program, but we won’t find out which one until Friday. Needless to say, the tension regarding this week has somewhat thrown off the regular routine. We did have some lovely weather nearing the 50’s today and yesterday, so we did get out for a number of walks, which was really nice. And we picked up some adorable baby clothes for the Little Man on Sunday, which he desperately needs, given how fast he’s growing out of his 9 month clothes.

That said, his nap schedule has been a bit disrupted, though he did take a nice 1.5 hour morning nap today, so that’s not too bad. I’ve started getting into the habit of journaling while he falls asleep, which keeps my journal up-to-date, and gives him a little comfort as he drops off. The afternoon nap has been somewhat flimsy, as he napped on me today, and yesterday napped several times in the car and on our various walks. So he’s napping, it’s just not a productive time. But still, if it keeps him from getting too cranky, I’m okay with that!

Today/Yesterday in Writer-Land

After the weekend and yesterday’s total lack of work (and I mean total lack of work–I’m still getting used to the fact that Andy’s not gone all week long, so his being present isn’t “holiday” time for me), I managed to get almost 2k new words for the Porter Challenge. I’m half-way through, and already probably looking at almost double the target word-count. Ah, well. Maybe someday I’ll trim it down. I do kind of like where it’s going, though, even if it’s a weird, weird place.

Also queried about a story I submitted four months ago, only to realize I may have submitted the story in a wrong format. *le sigh* Good grief. So I resent the query with the text in the email, and hopefully that’ll be considered, but maybe not for another four months… Oy… It’s my bad, and that’s what so frustrating. I normally read submissions guidelines so carefully, but somehow this one slipped by me. Ah well…


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