Professional Rejection Collector

Today in Mommy-Land


*deep breath*

Okay, I’m back! Definitely feeling the tension waiting for Friday, which will determine where we’ll be living for the next four years.  I don’t think I even realized how much this decision is weighing on me. It’s been so long since we were out of the education system (in fact, there’s only ever been one year during our marriage where we’ve both been out of school simultaneously), that our lives up to now have been stuck in a kind of perpetual limbo, all hanging on a “someday when…” It’s only now that I’m realizing that “Someday when” is going to be July. Like…THIS JULY. It’s odd how final and finite that seems.

Little Man has been having quite the day. After being out and about so much yesterday, today we’ve been cooped up again due to cold and ridiculous wind. He’s just about run out of interest in “just crawling around” and his usual spots of focus (box of recyclables, corks in floor, emptying low-level pantry cabinets, etc.) are wearing thin for him. All day, he’s just been this cranky little bundle of not-quite-joy. He may be teething again–Andy thought he saw another tooth cutting through, but I haven’t been able to get a good look to confirm. He tossed and turned all last night, too, from about 45 minutes after going to bed, every hour on the hour… Needless to say, I’m probably a cranky bundle of not-quite-joy myself.

Got him down for two brief naps (<1 hour for #1, and <30 minutes for #2). We tried playing a bit, but Mr. Grumpy-Pants just wants to rough-house, which inevitably leads to him bonking his head against a grownup forehead, an elbow, a knee, etc., which ends in tears. He also got his first tiny scratch from one of the cats today after he clamped a hand down on one of her feet. It’s just a tiny pinprick spot, but oh~! The mother’s heart bleeds for him. He was just so sad.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough day.

I did just get him down for another nap 20+ minutes ago, so hopefully, he’ll awaken a bit more rested and cheerful than he has been.

Today in Writer-Land

Got a rejection late last night, and this morning, finally got it resubmitted. I’m beginning to think of calling myself a “professional rejection collector” rather than “writer” when people ask what I do. I’m far more successful as a rejection collector than just about anything else.

But I did finish Porter’s challenge story, and wouldn’t you know it! It came in under 4k! Granted, I’m not sure how much sense it makes, but meh. It’s done. I’m calling it a success. Almost 1k new words written today, so that’s something anyway!

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