Surfacing…and Rejection Wisdom from Down Under

Little gap in blogging recently, due to foreseen and unforeseen life events, mostly having to do with the hubby matching to UMASS for his neurology residency (which is great!), finding a place to live in Worcester (done!), and dealing with the Little Man’s ear infection/fever episode for most of last week (eh, not so fun). With disrupted sleep cycles, lack of naps, cranky baby, and the panicked realization that we’re moving in a month, writing at all has been something of a Hail Mary pass whenever attempted. Sometime in the next week or so, I’m going to get back to keeping up with the daily check-in, which I find helpful for keeping objective about how complicated this particular time of life is (which therefore keeps me off my own back).

In the meantime, highlights and an excellent link!

+ Have a story on hold at a lovely little ‘zine, and am really, really, reeeeeeally hoping that happens, but we’ll see.
+ Have received some very sweet rejection notices, and sent some things back out again
+ Made a writing priorities list that quantifies all the projects I’ve got open right now in the hopes of consolidating them and/or wrapping some up so others can proceed
+ Started doing some research for a series of short stories I’m hoping to write at some point in the uncertain future
+ Weather’s getting a bit better (despite currently snowing–arg!), so I’ve been getting out on walks, and my brainstorming mind is brimming with ideas and possibilities
+ Andy matched, which means he will be a doctor, and we won’t be bankrupted by student loan debt!
+ Mo*Con is four weeks away (yikes!), so I’m trying to get all that stuff together
+ Finished the story for Andrew C. Porter’s most recent challenge, called “Kill Your Darlings,” which may appear on his website sometime in the near future–we’ll see when I get a chance to edit this blasted thing a bit
+ The Little Man is well on the way to recovery, though I’ll be thrilled to bits when we no longer have to force-feed antibiotics to him. He does. not. like. them. (And who can blame him? But they are obviously helping a lot, compared to what he was like last week…)

And with my current streak of rejections, I thought Peter M. Ball’s post about why rejections are actually awesome was fantastic–definitely check it out if you’re feeling a bit sore in the ego. He’s got a great take on how to approach rejections:


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