Mind a bit numb after hammering out a bit more on the current work in progress ( a weird mystery, currently titled, “Death in Dreamland”). Not sure how this one’s going to pan out, but I’m trying to loosen up again after months of plotting/editing-focused work, without many new words. Week after next starts the Chekhov 6mo., so I’m trying to stretch the mental faculties a bit to get ready to spit out a ton of new words. Here’s hoping those words aren’t half as hard as these words on the WiP seem to be.

Finished another Rex Stout book (this one, Trouble in Triplicate, is a three-fer, with three novellette/novella stories), which brings my completed reading list to…eight. *sigh* This has been a tough year for plowing through books, but I’m going to ramp it up as much as I can over the next five months and hope to get well into the double-digits. I’ve been terribly unfaithful to my goal to read a short fiction magazine a month, as well, which I’ve done exactly…no months yet this year.

But at least I’m writing new stuff again, which feels great. It’s been much too long, and I’m raring to go, even if this current WiP feels like slogging through knee-deep molasses. At least I’ve managed to get new words down every day for the past week, and that’s definitely something, given that the Little Man has decided that naps are for losers, and he isn’t buying into the hype. At least he still sleeps pretty well at night, or else I’d never have time to do anything at all! :)

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