A Day in the Life…

Today in Mommy-Land

Lots of running around done today. We’re on our last week of July which means seeing how much we can scrape out of the food/etc. budgets for the month and use towards either buffering the food budget next month or paying down some debt. Today, we got our breakfast/fruit/tide-over stuff since we have enough frozen stuff (beef stew/pea soup/etc.) to eat for dinner this whole week (yay!). We also got some more cat cleaner (yay…) and a new scratch pad to replace the one Oz peed on yesterday (yippee…) So that’s fun!

Also got to Sam’s Club for diapers and wipes and hotdogs (‘cuz seriously–$10 for 24 hotdogs? Yes please!). It’s…an interesting place. We got this membership via a Groupon deal, which is great since it’s more than 50% off, but I’m not sure it’d be worth the full $124/150 membership fee next year. We just don’t buy much in bulk besides diapers, and while that’s great…Eh… We’ll see.

Looks like we’re in for some brutal heat in the coming days (heat, and humidity–ugh, why?!), which is awful without AC. I can handle heat. It’s the drippy, sticky, nasty, ucky, grossness of high humidity. Just…no. When I’m sweating before I even get out of bed in the morning. Yeah, no. I’m quickly realizing this high humidity on a regular basis may just be part of where we live now, which I’m only partially coming to terms with. XP

Otherwise, the Little Man appears–maybe?–to be toothing again. There are two tiny little white spots on either side of his two bottom teeth, so maybe he’s going for the full eight. Who knows! But it makes him a bit cranky (that, and having to wake him up after the drive home from Sam’s Club because napping at 4:30? Yeah, that’s definitely a no.) But he at least napped a bit before we went to Wegman’s and he went down pretty well this evening, despite some feistiness at first.

Today in Writer-Land

I’m a little proud of myself. See, I knew the Little Man would probably nap at some point while we were out running errands, so–being all smart-like and thinking ahead–I brought my laptop along with my current WiP notes, just in case. Forty-five minutes of writing outside Wegman’s! Booyah! 1370 new words, written in the front seat of the car while the LM slept. *bursting with dedication juices*

I’m not sure how long it is in total, currently–I’ve been writing in TextEdit because Scrivener bugs me. Too many years of Word have made the “no formatting needed!” learning curve just too frustrating.–and to be honest, I’m scared to check the word count, because I suspect I’ve blown my estimates. Oh well. It’ll be as long as it’ll be, right?

Also got a very nice and positive rejection notice–a little frustratingly positive, actually, since there wasn’t any explanation for why it got rejected, since it sounds like they really liked it. But ah well. Can’t have everything, ammiright? So I’ll have to dig up another market to send the rejected story to…I do like the story, just not sure where it might fit… *le sigh* I should query about another story that’s been languishing at a certain market, too. This would be so much easier to stay on top of if I Duotroped. Someday…someday…

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