Sunday Circle

The original Sunday Circle is here, on Peter M. Ball’s blog. 

What I’m working on this week: Well, this past week was about as busy as I’d expected. We have family visiting from far-off, and a wedding, so we’ve been away from computers and traveling quite a bit. I did get a chance to reread the short story edit, and am hoping to get started on the rewrite this week.

What’s inspiring me?: ZOMG I finally started watching Stranger Things, and am loving it. The music alone is fabulous, but it’s really nailed that Steven-Kingish-80s-Horror-Novel feel spot-on. (I’ll admit I’m too much of a coward to watch it alone, so Andy and I ate only 2 episodes in so far, but we mainline those in one weeknight, which is rare for us theses days unless something is really fantastic.) It’s definitely right on the edge of my scare-limit, but so far my adult tendency to not have nightmares about movies is holding. (Though I did wake up the other night half-convinced someone was in the room…took a while to get back to sleep! Lol) 

What am I avoiding?: Again, I’m just trying not to guilt myself about the speed of my progress currently. One little goal at a time, and trying to be open to bursts of inspiration whenever they happen. :)

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