Day Two of the Great Sourdough Experiment


Day 2 – 9:30AM – Twenty hours after our initial experiment, the creature has begun to rise and bubble in its own putrescence. Dr. Bugwallis has made no comment, but his silence appears pleased. This is a good sign. I, admittedly, had my doubts. While I, too, desired to test the hands of fate and conjure some unholy form of life, I was uncertain our methods would produce any such results.

I had spent some considerable time (re: fifteen to twenty minutes) reviewing the tenuous instructions within the weathered pages of the Cook’s Illustrated before I dared apply the requisite mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flours to the room-temperature, filtered water. But despite my hesitations, it appears we have struck upon something… Dr. Bugwallis ignores this mixture for now, presumably indicating more time is necessary before the extraction or application of the first transfusion of fresh flour can occur. I shall follow his lead carefully.


Finally (after three days) I feel like I’m finally starting to crawl, clumsily, back onto the horse of regular routine. Monday and Tuesday were both disasters. After so much socializing and entertaining Bug in non-two-year-old-optimized surroundings, I think I was just completely done. We watched copious amounts of TV and lazed around in the sandbox and kiddie pool and eventually ordered a pizza, because even making dinner was just…no. Tuesday we got to the park and went grocery shopping, but that was the extent of achievement. Did try a veggie pad thai, but…I mean, it was good for the one bowl I had of it, but the thought of eating the leftovers is just…bleh. Not sure what it is, but I think it’s a texture thing. It did taste like pad thai, so that was good. Maybe I just don’t like pad thai as much as I feel like I should.

Yesterday was better. I got back into my FlyLady morning routine (a miniature version consisting of getting dressed, swish-and-swiping the bathrooms, making the bed, and keeping the sink shining). It helped, though. We got to the park again, then went swimming at our friend’s lake-side apartment, which was lovely. And I even came back and made salmon and asparagus, and after Bug went down, I even did some short story editing.

And watched Stranger Things with Andy. We’ve been addicted since we started right before I left for the wedding festivities last Wednesday. OH. MY. WORD. Seriously, it’s right on the edge of too scary for me, but it is SO MUCH FUN. I’m really glad we’re checking it out, and Andy’s loving it too. It’s hitting all the right nostalgia buttons. It’s one of those shows I enjoy watching so much that the theme music literally gives me chills when it comes on. I haven’t had that since X-Files! So good. The last episode (episode 5) wasn’t as fantastic as the previous four have been, but I suspect it’ll pick up again. It was just a little force-plotty, which up until now, it hasn’t been.

And on that note, enjoy a few really AWFUL, HILARIOUS truck songs, because this is currently the soundtrack of my life:

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