The (Monday) Circle

So, I’m running a bit late this week. No real excuses, just the usual travel and lack of free time.

What I’m working on this week: Still settling back in to the general, unpredictable routine post-travel and family wedding. It seems crazy how long it takes me to get back into my normal place post-disruption these days. Still, I did start the short story edit like I wanted to last week, so that’s something. I’m going to try to continue that work this week. It would be fantastic to get it to a retype-able second draft, but that may be overly optimistic.

What’s inspiring me: Stranger Things, Stranger Things, Stranger Things. Finally finished it on Friday last week, and quite enjoyed it. I do think Barb’s characterization was a bit thin, and the whole “hole in the tree” sequence was pretty heavy-handed, but overall, it was a lot of fun. I’m worried, of course, about whether or not they could continue what they started here in the first season in a second season. American Horror Story was fantastic the first season, but I haven’t been able to get back into it since.

Also: bullet journaling. Yes, it’s a “thing” right now, and no, I probably won’t do it *exactly* like it’s described (I’m interested, though, in incorporating some of the Accidental Creative stuff (notecard translation/Weekly/Monthly Checkpoints/etc.) into it, too), but I’m playing around with it. Plus, dear lord, don’t get me on Pinterest looking up bullet journaling ideas, because DEAR LORD, there are some folks with way too much time on their hands who can make absolutely beautiful spreads and pages. Me, I’m going for simple (but not entirely unpretty). Because pretty is fun, too! But only in so much as it doesn’t interfere with the getting-things-done aspect. I’m not entirely sure if this will replace my day planner, since I really need the visual calendar and have to make my own in my current notebook (pain…), but we’ll see. I love the idea of keeping everything in one place, and even the more artistic ways of tracking habits/time, because I’m definitely a scrap-paper-notes packrat right now.

What I’m avoiding: Really, it’s the short story edit. This less uniform approach to writing, while necessary for me at this point, is fantastic for writing new things (the energy build-up is palpable for new projects), but not very effective for editing. I need a more regular schedule for the editing side of things so I continue to bring projects to submittable-completion, so for now, I’ll keep trying to commit to 20 minutes a day and just see where that gets me.

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