The Sunday Circle: 3.4.17

I can’t believe it’s already MARCH. Where did the time go? To learn more about the Sunday Circle, check out author Peter M. Ball’s blog here.

This week, I’m working on: Plunging ahead on the novel. The 1k/day is definitely my pace–fast enough to make up for not having a huge amount of free time, but not so demanding that I won’t sit down to do it even if I’m tired. I need to spend some time tomorrow figuring out the details for the next few chapters, but then it’ll just be a matter of plugging along.

This week, I’m inspired by: Two things! First, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo, which I finished reading yesterday. It’s a very…interesting book. I’m not certain that I’m 100% sold on every aspect of her process, but I am in love with the idea of reducing one’s belongings to a minimum of what you need (my husband and I both adore the idea of tiny houses while also agreeing that the actual square-footage is less important to us, in the same way we love minimalism in design, but don’t quite want sparse: it’s the simplicity of possessions we like.), and also the idea of truly caring for and respecting the few things one does own. And her way of folding clothes. MY GOSH. My closet looks so delightfully organized, and I haven’t even started sifting through stuff yet. I’m rather hyped-up on the idea of starting to weed out and downsize a bit, so we’ll see where that goes in March.

Second thing: Mrs. Dalloway. I’ve never read Virginia Wolfe before (GASP! SHOCK!), despite having had a pretty vigorous high school English program, and having majored in English in college. Not quite sure how that happened. Still, I finally picked up Mrs. Dalloway and I’m in love. The wandering, omniscient narrative, the details, the stream-of-consciousness: everything about it I love. I now so want to try a wandering POV stream-of-consciousness style on something…

(Oh, and-and- “Dangerous” by Big Data (Feat. Joywave), and “Destruction” by Joywave.)

What I’m avoiding this week: Vacuuming. But otherwise, just trying to make reading a central part of my daily routine again. I vowed to try to tackle sixty books this year since I hit fifty-five last year, and so far I’ve read…two. UGH. So that’s top of the list: more reading!

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Circle: 3.4.17”

  1. I’m a fan of the tiny house, too. I moved into a 2bed inner city apartment around 16 months ago & while it’s not exactly tiny-house small it certainly reduces the amount of housework (including vacuuming).
    I loved Mrs Dalloway. It’s years since I read it but it’s my favourite Virginia Woolf book.

    1. I can imagine, that downsize is plenty challenging! And we’ll eventually have a move in our future once my husband’s done with residency, so reducing as much as I can will help with that, too. And housework! That’s precisely where I’m kind of hoping this process leads: an easier housework routine so I can focus more on the people and activities that matter most to me. ^_^

  2. 1k a day is totally amazing, and something you should be really happy with!

    I totally get the thing about reading every day too. I love reading so much (obviously!) but it can be such an easy thing to fall out of the habit of. Hopefully you’ve got a thrilling read to get you back into it! :-)

    1. Thanks! They may not be pretty 1k (at all….) but it’s something, and it does help to see the total wordcount climbing each day. (And Mrs. Dalloway is definitely helping on the reading front!) ^_^

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