The Sunday Circle: 03.18.17

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Keeping this post short this week, as I’m still recovering from being walloped by the worst cold I’ve had all year as of Friday and all day Saturday. I think I’m on the mend now, so I’m waxing optimistic about this coming week.

What am I working on this week?: Last week was fantastic, until The Plague hit Friday afternoon. There’s no reason why–provided I continue to improve–this next week I shouldn’t be able to hit End Act I in the novel, and maybe even crack the start of Act II, since those scenes are primarily written, and just need some tweaking to align them with the character changes made.

What am I inspired by this week?: Been watching a lot of Midsomer Murders lately, and quite enjoying the ordinariness of Chief Inspector Barnaby and Sargent Troy. They don’t have any super weird “character quirks” to make them interesting–other than CI Barnaby’s continuous need to diet, which is hilariously familiar from my parents’ conversations–they’re just…people. Complicated in their way, but very ordinary. Something I’m really appreciating at the moment, for some reason.

What am I avoiding this week?: I would have said Taxes, but unfortunately we did those today. Not…a great experience when foggy-headed sick… XP

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