Day 92: Stitching Scenes

In Which Our Hero Meets the Mistress

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,086
Running Total: 54,563
Scrap Draft: (V1.0 = 31,142), V2.0 = 12,225

Clever mathematicians will notice that the “Words Today” and “Running Total” don’t quite add up from yesterday, but I salvaged about 1,500 words from the scrap draft (and they’ve been subtracted from that total for now). Glad to finally stitch together some much needed scenes that had come up too early before. They fit so much better here, though I’m glossing over a lot I know I’m going to have to drill down into in the second draft, but I’M NOT GOING TO THINK ABOUT THAT NOW. (This is quickly becoming my second-half mantra…)

P.S.–My dear husband got this one stuck in my head yesterday, and it STILL PERSISTS, so…if I may be so cheeky: You’re Welcome.

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