Day 105: Whirlwinds

In Which Our Heroine Finds Herself In a Tight Spot

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,496
Running Total: 66,098
Scrap Draft: (V1.0 = 31,142), V2.0 = 12,478

So-! The story gears are starting to really get going, which is great in terms of just letting it unfold and see where it goes (provided, of course, that it goes to End Act II, which at this point, I do still think it will), but is a little scary knowing how incredibly long I can run when I let the story do its own thing. That said, I’m excited about the latest developments, and kind of wish they’d started sooner than this, since there’s a lot of story-meat in this thing moving forward. Ah well. That’s for a second draft to sort out, right? I may end up swapping a whole ton of things around later, but who knows. I’m NOT THINKING ABOUT IT NOW! Good writing night, though. The words really felt like they were ready to go.

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