The Sunday Circle: 06.11.17

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Phew, back again after a raucous birthday week for the wee Bug, who’s not so wee anymore! I ended up needing to take a week off from writing to make sure all the various elements of said birthday bash were in order (including baking this pretty kick-ass robot cake based on the Sago Mini Robot Party game):

So much fondant…

But I got back into the swing of things Thursday/Friday, so I’m feeling pretty good for the coming week.

This week, I’m working on: 1) continuing the 1k/day routine, which has so far worked out pretty smashingly, and I’m hoping (with some optimism) will carry me through to the finale by the end of the month; 2) trying to get to bed a bit earlier so I can read for a bit before going to sleep. That used to be my guaranteed way to get reading done everyday, but Bug’s nightly routine used to complicate that. But he’s been sleeping so well lately, I’m ready get to start that up again! Weeheeee!

This week, I’m inspired by: Mainlined Stranger Things while my bro-in-law was visiting for the kiddo’s B-Day and forgot how much I love the spit out of that show. It’s just so creepy and fun and it’s great escapism, though Episode Four….ugh… and poor Barb (who was totally me in high school), but there’s so much to love otherwise. Also just finished Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea, a graphic novel by Guy Delisle, which I really enjoyed. (I’ve been combating my resistance to reading post-writing by picking up graphic novels and listening to audiobooks–that seems to help me engage with words without having to stare at them, which helps after a couple hours at the screen.) It was a really interesting read, with some really interesting mundane insights that one might not learn about unless physically traveling in North Korea. It felt like being a fly on the wall for someone else’s travels, which was an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

Also: knitting. Finished a blanket I’d been working on for a while, and today finished my first hat! Woo! Also: Wool and yarn.

Also: Comey testimony. Have been ingesting way, way, way too much of the NYT/NPR, to the point of probably burning out on it a bit. May have to step back from the news for a few days.

What I’m avoiding: Laundry. And all the other housework that fell through the cracks during CRAZY BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA WEEK. So…so…messy…

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Circle: 06.11.17”

    1. Thanks! I was so lucky the cake worked out. I’d had this totally insane original idea that completely fell apart, so I had a rather Tim Gunn “Make it work” moment. XD

  1. Love the cake Maggie! That along with your knitting shows you to be a mighty crafty person :) Great to hear you’re still on track with your 1K words a day- it’s no easy feat when you’re looking after a small child.

    1. It has been tricky! Getting the writing done in the evening has been the only way to tackle it, but it’s completely obliterated my regular clean-up the house time, so the house has been a complete cluttered wreck lately. But that 1k/day totally makes it worth it. XD And the end is in sight!

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