Random Inspirations: 9/28/2018

Well, we’ve caught the crud again (yay preschool!), so I’m going to keep this post a bit on the short side (and, given the madness of the past few days, hopefully on the light side!). Here’s a few things I thought you might find interesting from the past week:

First up, ZOMG, they’re doing Dawn by Octavia Butler as a TV show. If you haven’t read the book, DO YOURSELF A LOVING FAVOR AND READ IT. Butler is one of my favorite writers of SF. I love her stuff. Dawn showed me how aliens could be interesting again. // Upcoming in October is this comic book, titled These Savage Shores which looks like an amaaaaazing genre take on colonialism, and the article that follows the announcement by author Ram V is wonderful reading. Cannot wait for this to come out! // Then there’s this Soviet Walking Excavator, courtesy of my husband on a particularly slow night float shift, because he knows I love Miyazaki-ish robots and OH MAN do I love this freaky thing. // This article on Eight Absurdities We Force on Female Characters was fascinating reading, and definitely a must-check-out for anyone writing stories staring women. // And this last oddity, because the first time I saw it, I almost peed myself laughing, though I feel so bad for the poor guy who looks almost as scared of the chicken as the chicken is of him! And I really needed to laugh a bit today. And it’s Toto, so…:

Hope your weekend is germ free and delightful! :D

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