Progress Notes: Day 29

Have gotten a little behind schedule the last few days, due to a myriad of things, including big life changes and some general mental health dealings. Finally forced myself to get a move on today, not worrying too much about word count so much as getting something done. Managed about 800 words, which isn’t terrible, and wrote a future scene to break out of the slump that hit at about 29,000 words. One of the nice things about having a detailed outline is that I can jump ahead a bit and tackle sequences that might be more appealing on a given day. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get back to a normal flow, but I’m trying to not put too much pressure on, either, as past experience tells me that’s more likely to backfire, and I don’t want to get behind schedule. While I’d love to get this draft finished by August, I’m beginning to suspect that may be a little unrealistic. Still, if I can hit my original deadline of 9/6, that won’t be terrible, and should still leave me some good time to work on something else for the rest of the year.

Current Progress (blue): 30275 / 100000 words. 30% done!

Estimated Progress (red): 29000 / 100000 words. Due Date: 9/6/19

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