Moving, Moving, Moved!

We’re officially moved! Boy, I hope we won’t need to do that again soon! Trying to pack up everything with a four month old in tow and spare help due to the pandemic is not fun. But it’s over! Andy wrapped up the last bit of cleaning yesterday, so it’s officially done. *Phew!*

It’s so nice to be a bit more rural again. Both Andy and I grew up in a small town, so just having space to breathe and move about without anybody else nearby is delightful, though we hadn’t realized when we were making plans to move that there’d be a pandemic that would require social distancing, which is much easier here, too! I think we took three walks the day we moved up, just ‘cuz. We also managed to get sunburnt. Touché, Mother Nature, touché.

Needless to say, I haven’t been writing much these past few days. With all the packing, and the heat, and the fact that my folks we’re getting the great room floor redone (this necessitating all six of us to cluster into the smaller part of the house with all our stuff), my focus has been on just getting us settled towards a new routine. We’re getting there. Goldbug appears to like a mid afternoon nap most days, which gives me a bit of time during which I can write at least a few paragraphs, so that’s something. Today I wound up writing about 550 new words, which surprisingly came very easily. Now I just need to get B-Bug to finish some more homework for the week, since I’ve had to reconfigure my computer-printer set-up, which took far longer than it should have.

It’s too hot today. Muggy and blech. But I’ve heard there’s a minor chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, so fingers crossed for a nice storm to break the heat? Please? Pretty please?

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