Today in Mommyland…

We’re starting to settle into our “new place” (by which I mean, my folk’s place, which we’ll be buying from them and expanding with an in-law suite), and things are finally opening up a bit. The floors in the Great Room are done, which means we can expand back out there again, thank goodness! I love the rabbit-warren feel of the older part of the house, but it does start feeling crunched with four grown adults and two kids.

We’re also starting to develop something of a routine, though it’s still very much flexible at this time and involves entirely too much TV for B-Bug. Still, it’s looking like I can count on at least one (often brief) nap from Goldbug per day, sometimes two if he sleeps a bit after breakfast. There are no “guaranteed” amounts of time, yet, but he pretty much requires a nap every afternoon around 1-2pm, so that’s something at least!

We met briefly this morning with one of the architects we’re considering to help design the addition, which upended our usual morning routine a bit, but it was rather exciting. I think my mom’s right, though: it feels a little like the beginning of a big edit, which is both exciting, but also kind of terrifying since you don’t want to ruin what it is you love about the original. Still, we’re bubbling over with ideas of what to do, so it’ll be an interesting process, no doubt.

Today in Writerland…

Last couple days have been pretty sparse, writing-wise. I did get a brief moment today to write exactly two sentences, but it’s something, so I’m trying not to be disappointed…

Edit – 2:54pm – FIVE. I got five sentences. #writermom

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