Dancing Doombots (Or, How We Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords)

Aaaaaah-! I can’t help it: I both love and am completely freaked out by Boston Dynamics’ dancing Atlas and Spot robots. I just can’t help thinking about how horrifying it’s going to be having a “Thriller” style mob of killbots dancing down the streets (I mean, there is no way I’m resisting that beat)! XD

Killbot 1: You should love the work you do, and do the work you love!
Killbot 2: It’s all about work-life balance!

Just note, Future Robot Overlords, that the fam–B-Bug especially–are big fans of Atlas since the NOVA documentary about DARPA’s Challenge for rescue robots (we have watched it many, many times). Also, I’ve got an old family friend who works on robots for Boston Dynamics, so it feels personal. XD I just hope the roving killbots will also accept “dance-off” as a possible alternative to murdering me…

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