(Belated) Friday Update: Rewrites, Thinking, and Chunks

Always tricky to get much done during a holiday week when everybody’s either off-work or off-school, but managed to scrape out ~1,400 words this week, despite all the distractions, mostly in little bits here and there on my phone. I spent a good deal more time thinking, which has become necessary as I hit walls on several projects and had to actually…you know…know what I was trying to do. O_o

All the thinking centered on the novel project, which I’ll be working on for my upcoming class, and the short story for the Jules Verne anthology. I think I finally hashed out the proper opening for the book, which is actually earlier than I’d thought, and includes a duel-POV, which the first draft *did* but not with the correct person as the alternate POV. So I’ll probably be working on that this week, seeing if I can get a better opening hashed out for my submission for critique this coming week.

As for the Jules Verne story, it quickly became clear that if I just sit down and pick at it over the next few weeks, it’ll become SUPER BLOATED and nothing close to a short story. So I sat down Friday and hashed out what needed to happen, what’d be cool if it happened, and where all the major scenes would have to fall in order to fit it into a 4k story.

It’s so crazy, it might just work…

I’m not sure this method of hyper-plotting will work for me, but it *does* make me look at how many words I have available and what needs to be done in that space. I used to think absolutely nothing could be accomplished in 300 words or less, but since taking that Creative Writing 1, and having to nail openings and scenes in 200 or less, I’ve realized the power of brevity, and have learned how to do an amazing amount of work in two paragraphs. I’m also writing this one a bit out-of-order, which is unusual since I typically write short fiction top-to-bottom. But it’s seemed easier to chunk this one, than to flow with it, since that’s lead to the bloating problem. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Otherwise, the week was both good and nuts, as it goes. We’ve lately become obsessed with possibly adding a puppy into the mix someday in the not-so-distant-future, but we’ll see about that, too. Today we’re starting to take down the holiday decorations and easing into the New Year-proper. Class starts Monday (eek!), and then things’ll get chugging along.

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