Day 17 – Non-Prose Progress

Today was a good day, if only because I got one major work-related project checked off my to-do list, and that alone feels great. I’ll take the progress, whatever its form! At least this means that starting tomorrow, getting the rewrite of “Miracle of Jane” done by week’s end. If I can wrap up that rewrite, I’ll be on Cloud Nine! 

This week, I’m also reading THE CHILD THIEF by Brom, and so far, I am loving it to death. I’m wary of reading it *right* before bed, but it’s spectacular. I’m so excited about spending more time reading the next couple of days. Electing to tackle one goal at a time has been a smart move this week. I’m going to have to remember this. :)

I’ve also been getting back into journaling before bed about what I’ve been reading every day, which has been great! There’s something about having to put my thoughts about a piece or story that really helps me solidify where my head’s at, rather than just spinning the tires in thought loops. It also helps me keep track of the multitude of books I’m reading at any given time. I’m one of those oddballs that likes to juggle several books at a time. Currently, I’m reading the following six, in no particular order (except THE CHILD THIEF, which is my week’s “to finish” book): 

Q184 by Haruki Murakami (Fiction)
THE CELLO by Elizabeth Cowling (Non-Fiction)
MINDFUL BIRTHING by Nancy Bardacke (Non-Fiction)
REVISING FICTION by David Madden (Non-Fiction, Craft-Related)
THE CHILD THIEF by Brom (Fiction)

I tend to trade each of these other ones off as inspired. THE CELLO is my go-to bedtime book, for when I just need to relax and cool off from the day. I’m reading a *lot* of non-fiction books at the moment. Usually, I’ve got more fiction books on that list (spanning multiple genres), but it’ll continually shift as I finish one and pick up another (or two). Juggling books like this does tend to mean I finish the back-burner books slower than my weekly read, but it satiates my tendency towards distractibility and taste for variety.  

And that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have some good writing updates tomorrow. :)



Day 11 – And Week Three Begins

Monday is as Monday does: bit of a slow start, but it’s looking like a promising week. I’m starting on a brand new short story, aiming at 4k if possible, and trying to hoist in a 3.6k short story into a 1.5k flash fiction. After last week’s smashing success getting all those pesky little writing goals done, I’m mildly optimistic about this week, though there’s more than enough work on the table. 

That, plus some Apex work that needs to be wrapped up, and some sociality on Tuesday/Thursday, and the week is more limited than I might like to admit. Still, looking forward to the challenge and all that implies. 

Also: it’s a boy! :D Somehow, knowing I can call “it” a “he” makes the whole thing seem that much more real. 

WRITING PROJECT: Tech-savvy, chatty octopi! Pink hair! Extra-aqua breathing apparati! Willamette fishermen! Pet store antics and budding romance! And all of it in Southeast Portland, Oregon! 

Working Title: The Octopus Story (not very original, I know, but maybe as I work on it I’ll get a better title)
Added Words: 3.5 handwritten pages (I’ll have a better count end-of week, but I’m trying something new)
Total Words (to date): See above.

Happening Today in the World of Fiction!: Something odd in a bucket! Has it fallen in love with Molly’s pink ‘do, or is it trying to tell her something? Plus, a handsome pet store employee. Mmm, tattoos. :)

Notes: I’m trying something a bit new with this one: I’m writing it by hand (GASP!). It’s an odd experience, because my brain works much faster when I’m typing, but when I’m scribbling words out by hand (and horribly spelled, I might add–OH LORD, THE ERRORS), I have to slow down a bit. I’ve tried this before for stories I needed to keep tight. I tend to underwrite when I write by hand, and overwrite when I type, so we’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping I can beef it up if need be later, and can already see some fixes that will definitely need to be addressed for efficiency, but hey–it’s a rough draft. That’s for the editing. :)

EDITING PROJECT: Interstellar space travel! Memories of Earth and AI! Mechanical trees and millions of seed clones! Pulsars and deadly radiation! Mother-daughter bonding and rescue! The color blue! It’s all there and more. 

Current Editing Project: The Miracle of Jane
Accomplished in Edits: Didn’t get very far on this. I think I’m scared. First step is going to be to dissect up the chunks of the story and label each one to see what’s *actually* necessary, and what’s not. I’ve got to cut it as close to the climax as possible, and still get some of that mood and zone across. I think it can be done, but it’s going to take some mental puzzling for sure. Looking to get a better start on this tomorrow…


Day 5 – And the First Week Ends

Friday marks the last day of my work week. With the hubby working long-distance during the week, I try to take time off on the weekends to just enjoy his company without splitting my attention. If he’s got studying to do, I may get some work done this weekend, but for the most part, the weekends are for hanging out. 

WRITING PROJECT: In a world where wars are waged in shadow and the separation between man and machine is shrinking by the day, a war-droid wielding cyborg-girl begins a secret battle against those who would control her and destroy the only chance of a future she’s ever had.

Working Title: Shadow Games: Book 1 of the Shadow Engines duology
Added Words: 1092
Total Words (to date): 91,900

Happening Today in the World of Fiction!: Shifty deals! Secret alliances! Double agents! Loose ends which need to be “cleaned up”!

Notes: Got a bit of writing in today, not as much as some previous days, but it completes a chapter and actually revealed some possible future twists I hadn’t seen coming for the second book, so…actually kind of awesome, even if it wasn’t what I expected. :)

EDITING PROJECT: Ghosts and legends and Bluebeard, oh my! The cold Maine coastline! Haunted grounds! Ribbons and bitter, ghostly wives! Dueling secrets! True love? Perhaps!

Current Editing Project: Nobody Here But Us Monsters
Accomplished in Edits: Actually didn’t get *any* work on this done today. Opted instead to focus on getting some Apex interview work wrapped up in a timely manner, which was actually quite interesting. 

Apex Magazine, Journal, Publishing/Editing


Ok, so that whole updating three times a week thing? Yeeeeah… Anyway! I’ve made it up to Norwescon and will be spending most days from 11AM-2:30PM in the dealers room at the Apex table, so do stop by and pick up a book! (Buying a book is good too, but if you just want to hold one for a few seconds and feel the heft, that’s cool too.) :D

Oh, yeah! I’ve also got copies of DARK FUTURES for sale at the Apex table, so if you want to pick up a copy (and you know you do), me and fellow author Deb Taber will sign it for you! (We promise!)

OH! Also, if you’re so inclined and aren’t swamped with other stuff, come see me read (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN PUBLIC) at 9PM tomorrow night (Friday night) in Cascade 4. As a side note: there will be chocolate. :)