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Ok, so that whole updating three times a week thing? Yeeeeah… Anyway! I’ve made it up to Norwescon and will be spending most days from 11AM-2:30PM in the dealers room at the Apex table, so do stop by and pick up a book! (Buying a book is good too, but if you just want to hold one for a few seconds and feel the heft, that’s cool too.) :D

Oh, yeah! I’ve also got copies of DARK FUTURES for sale at the Apex table, so if you want to pick up a copy (and you know you do), me and fellow author Deb Taber will sign it for you! (We promise!)

OH! Also, if you’re so inclined and aren’t swamped with other stuff, come see me read (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN PUBLIC) at 9PM tomorrow night (Friday night) in Cascade 4. As a side note: there will be chocolate. :)